Cyprus Citizenship By Investment

Applicants to Cyprus’s CBI program must invest at least 2 million euros, maintained for a period of three years. Investments can be made in one of four ways:

  • Real estate: The most popular option, allowing investors to qualify by spending 2 million euros or more on residential, commercial or other real estate. Land purchases alone aren’t sufficient to qualify, however.
  • Business investments: Investors can qualify by spending 2 million euros to purchase a business with a significant presence in Cyprus. Businesses must employ at least five Cypriot citizens, or longtime Cyprus residents with EU citizenship, in order to qualify.
  • Purchase of AIFs: Investors can also qualify by purchasing Alternative Investments Funds, bonds, securities, or other financial assets, issued in Cyprus and linked to companies with substantial presence in Cyprus.
  • A combination: Cyprus allows investors to mix and match from the options above, as long as their total investments\ amounts to at least 2 million euros. It’s also possible to purchase up to 500,000 euros in government bonds as part of a combined 2-million euro investment.

Applicants must also purchase a residence in Cyprus, at a minimum cost of 500,000 euros, in order to qualify for the CBI program. The only condition after keeping the investment for the required 3-years, is for the applicant to maintain a residential property of at least 500.000 euros at all times. Investors who are investing solely in real estate are allowed to count their 500,000-euro residential-property investment towards their 2-million euro core investment, effectively reducing the cost of the program by 500,000 euros.