UAE Residency By Investment

UAE has become on of the most progressive countries in the world that has an stable national economy. As per recent statistics, the county’s economy will grow faster than the major other countries’ economies such as United States, UK and Japan.

UAE having a very strong economy, it provided jobs in many of its sectors in the past years and will continue to grow for the coming years. It is at the 6th rank in terms of employment in the last survey during the year of 2014. Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development said it is continuing to boost the economy and will create a high wage economy unlike other countries in the world. UAE’s financial gap is small between the financially challenged and the wealthy ones.

The living conditions and the quality of life in UAE is high and ideal as per OECD. It is considered the Land of the Long White Cloud. UAE residents have higher life satisfaction compared to other countries


f you want to get a job and work and live in UAE, you will have to obtain a UAE Working Visa. There are a number of visa types you can apply for and it will be depending on your purpose. You can apply for different types of visas for permanent residency, long stay, work and temporary work visa.

To make sure all the requirements are achieved properly, we advise our clients to talk to one of our Immigration Professionals. We have a team of immigration experts that can guide you in choosing the right visa for you and the requirements based on UAE rules and regulations. We will help you obtain a UAE Work Permit, Skilled Migrant Visa, Working Holiday Visa, Permanent Residency Visa or even a Visit Visa.

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